About Us

We're passionate about your success!

Colleen Moss
Owner / Founder

Meet the Team...!

Our team of certified instructors, trainers and coaches are some of the best in the business.

Beyond their certifications, they're experienced working with older adults which means you're in "good hands" exercising with caring professionals.

Each team member has a story to tell about his or her own health and fitness journey.  You'll learn what motivates and inspires them.  You may even find you have a few things in common!

"We'd Like to Get to Know You..."

Kimberly Rodriguez
Group Fitness

Haley Murray
Yoga, Strength, Meditation

Michelle Salo
Personal Trainer

Lane Angell
Yoga & Aerobics


Ana Marie Villa
Zumba Fitness

Vince Avalos
Water Fitness

Debbie Murray
Physical Therapist

Gabriele Facente
Martial Arts | Tai Chi


Ro Little
Online Fitness Specialist

Matt Fleming
Martial Arts

Nahla Abraham
Group Fitness

Tanya Tomklins
Group Fitness


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Thrive Locations

Mint Hill
9304 Cresswind Blvd
Mint Hill, NC 28215

Cresswind Wesley Chapel
9304 Cresswind Blvd
Wesley Chapel, NC 28110

Esplanade at Northgate
114 Northgate Blvd
Indian Trail, NC 28079