Haley Murray


Hi!  I am Haley. 

I am a Mint Hill resident, born and raised.

I found yoga as an adult.

I had dealt with anxiety and depression most of my adult life and I was desperate for a solution.

My husband gifted me a few class passes for the local yoga studio, and after my first Savasana, I was hooked.

I began to practice daily, and learned about meditation.

After noticing a drastic change in my anxiety, and day to day life, I began cultivating a daily yoga and meditation practice.

Yoga has not only helped to transform my body, but more importantly my mind and awareness of the body, mind and breath connection.

Soon after, I began my yoga teacher training in Greenville SC. I am now a 200 hour certified yoga teacher, with a specialty in Hatha Yoga, which is focused on building breath in the body, and connecting breath with movement.

I also teach preschool, and love to incorporate yoga into my class.

I’m married with two children, and my hobbies include hiking, strength training, cooking, and spending quality time with family and friends.

I look forward to seeing you in class.


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