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Personal Training is just that... personalized, one-on-one private coaching and training.

If you desire a complete, individualized fitness program - tailored specifically for your body and your fitness goals, then, this is for YOU!

When you sign-up for Thrive Personal Training, you're getting the best.

Our coaches are 100% dedicated to helping you meet and exceed your goals, no matter where you are on your journey.

Individualized and Personalized!

This isn't a pre-packaged training program -- our personal trainers want to develop a real relationship with you, getting to know your goals and needs, so that they can help you be your very best self.

Personal training will allow for a flexible schedule, holistic coaching, and earnest accountability.

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Why Choose Personal Training..?

What Belinda Says About Her Personal Training Program...

If you want to lose weight, we'll engineer a nutrition plan and a cardio-based routine perfect for your age, ability and fitness level.

If you want to gain and/or tone muscle, we'll connect you with specialized functional strength training strategies, protein intake guidelines, and more.

We prepare a customized workout routine that's specifically designed to help you achieve your individual goals.

Your Goals are Our Mission!

Perhaps you have a few specific goals in mind.

Our personal trainers will design an individualized, sustainable fitness solution to help you reach them.

In fact, with expert help, you may discover and achieve a new level of health and fitness beyond what you thought possible!

No matter what your health and fitness goals may be, our personal trainers and coaches will be right there with you -- step-by-step, every inch of the way during your journey!

What Fran Says About Her Personal Training Program...

With Personal Training You Will:

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    Gain access to "exclusive" tailored workouts and fitness plans. 

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    Understand how to make the most of your nutrition

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    Maintain consistency despite your busy schedule

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    Stay accountable with the support of your dedicated personal trainer

We "Get" You!

Many people struggle to get results and are disappointed when they don't.  Usually that's because they performing the wrong exercises and/or fitness protocol - from when they were in high school or college!

Our team of health and fitness experts conduct an evaluation to assess your physical condition.

And, then, connect you with all the "right" resources including productive exercise (for you), proper nutrition and positive motivation.


Are You Ready to Feel Your Absolute Best?

Everything we provide in our Personal Training Program is designed to specifically to help you meet and even exceed your goals.  It's all "hands-on" every step of the way.

If NOW is the time and you're ready to get started just CLICK or TAP on the button below -- and let's talk!

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