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  • Grateful Hearts

    Grateful Hearts

    I believe that our fundamental state is expansive and that there is goodness in everyone, we seem to live in a world riddled with challenges triggering anger, fear, and sadness, to name a few ~ and for many of us, there is an overwhelming sense of stress and despair. There is a Latin saying, “per aspera ad astra,” meaning “through adversity to the stars” (Star Trek Fans are smiling here). If we look at human evolution, we see that obstacles and challenges are the seeds that help bring about change. The process of changing and evolving is usually the result of adversity. Sometimes the adversity is ourselves not believing we can achieve ....

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  • Can the 3 C's Change your life?

    Can the 3 C's Change your life?

    You have to make a Choice to take a Chance if you want anything to Change. We all want live long lives. BUT…. Only if we can do all the things we want to do….. and feel good, and be healthy, and have the energy to do everything we love. Oh, and we don’t really want to change anything we are doing now to accomplish these goals. Change is hard. We all have habits that don’t really serve us or help us reach the goals we have for ourselves. Mine? Mint Chocolate Chip Gelato So, do I just not eat it? LOL. Not an option for me, no matter what the latest diet guru says, my Mint Chip Gelato is coming home with me and getting ....

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  • The Comfort Zone

    We are guaranteed to experience challenges in our life. Especially as we strive to live our lives to the fullest. This is the main reason most people stay the same. They don’t want to get out of their comfort zone and deal with the challenges of changing something. Everyday life is comfortable - at least right now. Most of us fail to realize the greatest rewards we receive and earn in life come from taking a risk. Getting out of our comfort zone and trying something different or new. Change only happens when we recognize this truth. Think about the last time you tried something new - outside of your comfort zone. Our hearts race - we get ....

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  • Free


    “If you want something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done.” -Thomas Jefferson Happy 4th of July! At my house, we celebrate the 4th by sleeping a little later, taking time to actually cook breakfast, heading up to the pool to cool off, and (of course) having a cookout. Complete with corn on the cob, burgers (turkey for me), brats, chips, and an ice cream cake. YUM What does the 4th mean to you? Freedom? How free do you feel? Do you experience doubts or worries that imprison you in a cycle of avoidance or fear? Perhaps afraid of the very thing that ....

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  • The Season

    The Season

    This month is “The Season.” The month when everyone starts paying attention to gifts and checking o ff lists and making decisions about who should get what, etc. This whole gift-giving season seems to have become vastly distorted over the years. We use to use this time to do “extra” nice things for people. To the neighbors who keep an eye on our house when we are out of town, the mailman(woman) who brings the mail, the garbage collectors to clear the trash.....people we appreciate but don’t often take a moment and tell them we do. Now, we worry about did we get the right gift, whether it is of equal value to what they give us, and did ....

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  • Perseverance or Fear?

    “It always seems impossible until it’s done.” -Nelson Mandala So many things in life fall into the category. It is why we make New’s Year’s Resolutions - and then make the same one again the following year. We never really believe we can do it. We have to believe in ourselves to make a change. Any change. And We have to get through the fear. Most of us have fear and don’t realize that fear is what is really holding us back from achieving our goals. One of my fears after my health issues was all about working out. Why? I was a law enforcement officer. I was suppose to be in great ....

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  • Indian Trail

    Opening November 28, 2023! Esplanade at Northgate Indian Trail, NC See our class schedule below: ....

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  • Coming Soon! Cresswind Wesley Chapel

    Wesley Chapel We are coming soon to CRESSWIND - WESLEY CHAPEL! We are very excited to start planning for the new year and new location. Our current timeline is APRIL 2023! Meanwhile, are you a current resident of Cresswind-WC? Please join us at Cresswind-CE to try out some of the classes that will be offered at your location in the Spring! Click here to Claim Your Free 7 Day Class Pass ! We look forward to seeing you soon in Class! ....

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