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Grateful Hearts

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Grateful Hearts

I believe that our fundamental state is expansive and that there is goodness in everyone, we seem to live in a world riddled with challenges triggering anger, fear, and sadness, to name a few ~ and for many of us, there is an overwhelming sense of stress and despair.


There is a Latin saying, “per aspera ad astra,” meaning “through adversity to the stars” (Star Trek Fans are smiling here).   


If we look at human evolution, we see that obstacles and challenges are the seeds that help bring about change.  


The process of changing and evolving is usually the result of adversity.  Sometimes the adversity is ourselves not believing we can achieve what we desperately want to achieve, sometimes it is society or cultural beliefs and norms that need to be challenged.  


Growth, change, and resilience are all developed by facing challenges.  As we begin to work through some of our personal adversity, we build strength and resiliency  - and we begin to change.   


By leaning into our difficulties and facing them, we grow.  We learn new things - about ourselves and our ability to focus on our challenges.  We lean into adversity and we learn to expand.  


We all know we can train our body/muscles to improve and get stronger.   We can also train our minds and emotions to be stronger and more resilient.  


By working to improve our minds and emotions, we start to become aware of times when fear, anger or sadness arise - we feel them in our body as tightness and stress.  


Then a strange thing happens, we recognize when these feelings are starting and we can CHOSE how to react, we are no longer controlled by them.  


WARNING, WARNING WILL ROBINSON:  Character-building moments usually make us uncomfortable - VERY uncomfortable.  


But, if you can accept the discomfort and gently take a look at the moment without judgment, we begin to grow our emotional strength and resiliency. 


This can take time to develop and move through.  There are many moments in my life when I have allowed someone else actions to really - well, control my own emotions and reactions (anger, annoyance, etc).   —ok, full disclosure - some of these moments still bring up some of these feelings.  


By working on these issues, I am able to see that this adversity is actually a teachable moment for me.  Why does the one particular person or issue really grate on my nerves or trigger anger?    Hmmmmm.   


I am grateful for the journey I am on, as uncomfortable as it is sometimes because it is allowing me to become more of the person I want to be.  More emphatic to the person angry at the grocery or cutting me off in traffic.


To be more empathic means to recognize we all have a shared experience.  As we become more familiar and welcoming of all of our struggles, we can acknowledge and see that we ALL struggle at times in life.  


It’s our shared experience of life where we gain a sense of community and connection with each other and the world. 


So, it is with a grateful heart that I try to embrace adversity - and I hope you do as well.  Adversity is always trying to teach us something, we just need to lean in and listen.  

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