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Can the 3 C's Change your life?

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Can the 3 C's Change your life?

You have to make a Choice to take a Chance if you want anything to Change.


We all want live long lives.  




Only if we can do all the things we want to do…..

and feel good, and 

be healthy, 

and have the energy to do everything we love.


Oh, and we don’t really want to change anything we are doing now to accomplish these goals. 


Change is hard.


We all have habits that don’t really serve us or help us reach the goals we have for ourselves.


Mine?  Mint Chocolate Chip Gelato 


So, do I just not eat it?  LOL.  Not an option for me, no matter what the latest diet guru says, my Mint Chip Gelato is coming home with me and getting eat (Yup, all in one sitting) when I really want it.


The trick is knowing that:

First, I am going to eat it,  Second, I am not going to be mad at myself for eating (not even if it’s all in one sitting.  And, ensuring I am doing everything else I can to be and stay healthy.


Be honest - do we really want to live a long life if we have to deny ourselves the very things we really enjoy in life?  




So, what can we do to accomplish this goal?


There is no quick-fix pill.  Recent medical and academic studies into longevity have provided 7 “things” that healthy, long-lived individuals have in common.


What are they?


1. Be active every day (at least 30 mins)

2. Have wide social support & relationships

3. Take a multivitamin every day

4. Have curiosity

5.  Get appropriate sleep every day

6. Meditate 

7.  Try new things




Only taking the multivitamin is a “traditional” activity associated with health for most of us.


Sure, as science starts actually studying health longevity, I am sure we will find even more ways we can help ourselves live longer, healthier lives.  The best thing we can do is move more every day.  


This is the very reason I started Thrive Yoga & Fitness.  


I have lived #1 for the last 6 years and it made a HUGE difference in my life.


In 2017 I had a stroke.  After the MRI, the doc asked me when I had the “other two.”  WHAT?  I had no idea.  Seems my body was trying to tell me there was a problem, but I wasn’t listening.


To be completely transparent here - if my husband had not been present when this third stroke happened, I would not have gone to the hospital either.  Seriously, I was already late for work.  


Yup, I am a “Type A” all the way. 


So, in 2017 I’m in the hospital, with three strokes to my name, embarrassingly overweight (35lbs more than I am now), and very annoyed that I had also developed vertigo with the last stroke too.  


Oh, and I was still working full-time in law enforcement.  


OK, I wish I could say that this one moment woke me up and I immediately changed everything and the rest is history.




I went back to work, full-time and started doing small things (at first).


I went back to yoga.  Loved it so much that I went on and got my teacher certifications.


Starting checking out nutrition and “diet” articles and considered making changes.


Then my son (a high school freshman at the time), told me he was failing his computer programming course.  When we talked about it, the “why” surprised me.  


It wasn’t he didn’t understand the material.  He had completely ‘mentally” checked out when I was hospitalized and had not done or handed in any work. He hadn’t told his teacher what was going on, he just went from A work to F work for four weeks. 


That woke me up. 


I had to take of myself if I was still going to take care of my family. 


Well, crap.


Now I had to do something.  I had to make a choice, take a chance, and try to change quite a few habits I had developed. 


Good news.


It’s possible.


Pick one thing and do it.


I went back to not just yoga, but working out three days a week.


Curious, I wondered what else could help.


Then I chose to eliminate one thing from my diet.  


As I started feeling better, stronger, and healthier, it was easier and easier to choose something else to try.


How do I feel now?




I am in better physical shape than when I was working, I weigh less than I did when I graduated high school, and I am so much healthier.  My doctor is always surprised by my numbers!


So, if you want to see a change for yourself - I would love to talk to you about it!


Make a choice to take a chance and make a change.


You can do it!


It can be hard to get started, and even harder to stick with a program, so sometimes having a coach is what makes the difference when it comes to reaching your goals.

If you are curious about getting a coach, I invite you to check out our Jump Into Fitness Special where you will get a customized exercise program while having a coach to keep you accountable to your plan.


In this program you will get:

  • Full fitness and goals assessment
  • Personalized fitness coaching to teach you the exact exercises you need to safely and effectively move better and build stamina
  • 1-on-1 success coaching to help guide you as you work to change your diet, exercise, and lifestyle habits
  • You can start exercising and eating better, you just need a program that shows you what is right for you.

Email me at colleen@thriveyogaclt.com and I will send you a free 7-day trial membership to try out all of our classes (no obligation).  


If email is not your thing, you can call or text me at 704-625-6607!


Yours in fitness,



Thrive Yoga & Fitness empowers people to take control of their health & fitness and fully enjoy the life they have built.


Live a Longer, Healthier & More Energetic Life With Thrive Yoga and Fitness!

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