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Are you giving or receiving this season?

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Are you giving or receiving this season?


This month is “The Season.”  


The month when everyone starts paying attention to gifts and checking off lists and making decisions about who should get what, etc. 


This whole gift-giving season seems to have become vastly distorted over the years.  


We use to use this time to do “extra” nice things for people.  To the neighbors who keep an eye on our house when we are out of town, the mailman(woman) who brings the mail, the garbage collectors to clear the trash…..people we appreciate but don’t often take a moment and tell them we do.   


Now, we worry about did we get the right gift, whether it is of equal value to what they give us, and did we forget someone.  


Basically turning what should be a season of reflection and joy in life into another reason to be stressed and worried.  


We get lost in the hustle of checking off the gift list so we “get it done.” 


What happened?  


What happened to just being friendlier, nicer, and taking an extra moment to hold a door open for someone?   


These were some of the bright spots I remember growing up.  (And also wondering where I put my darn gloves - Pittsburgh is cold).


Going to the store and enjoying the music, seeing people walking around smiling, waving to each other, opening doors for folks, telling strangers Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas. 


All without the thought of what will I get in return.  


Why do we remember moments like this from our past? 


The simple truth of life is giving opens the door to receiving.  


We can not receive if we do not give.  


No, I don’t mean you should give away everything you own and live on the streets.  


When you are grateful for what you have, giving is the only way to really live and receive joy.   


When we smile at someone, hold the door open, or let someone go in front of us in a line.  We receive something immediately.  


You feel better.  


We get a boost of energy, our body releases serotonin.  It makes us feel good.


Our bodies are wired to feel good when we give - no matter the monetary value.  


Thanksgiving is our “warm-up” for the season.  


We pause, notice how much we really have, and are thankful and grateful.  Our homes, family, friends, neighbors, weather, and nature, and we have another day to enjoy everything we love.  


For the rest of the year - I challenge you to pause every day.  


Just for a moment, and wonder “what can I give today.”  


It can be a wave to a neighbor or community member, opening a door, a smile while standing in line, or even just saying “it's nice seeing you” or “have a great day.”  


No monetary value is involved.  


Then notice how you feel immediately after your gift (giving).  


It increases your joy, which we know from last month, boosts our immune systems, fights stress and pain, and improves our chance of living a longer life. 


How awesome!  


Start improving your health by giving a gift today.  


What will it be? 




Ready to gift yourself with better health now?  Give me a call and let's talk about how I can help you reach that goal too.  



Happy Holidays,

Colleen “Giving Today” Moss


Live a Longer, Healthier & More Energetic Life With Thrive Yoga and Fitness!

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